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Ibogaine Treatment


CHANGE begins with RESPECT and APPRECIATION for our SUPPORT SYSTEMS and OURSELVES. Every individual is tremendously important. The HUMAN BEING is the most SOPHISTICATED LIVING ENGINE: This ENGINE only runs on TRUTH.

Ibogaine Detox

Ibogaine detox is an incredibly potent treatment for many substance abuse addictions, including heroin, subutex, suboxone (and many more).

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Ibogaine Mental Health

Ibogaine treatment treats a variety of different ailments associated with mental such as Alzheimer’s, Depression Trauma and PTSD.

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Ibogaine Wellbeing

A professionally tailored Ibogaine therapy session can help you reach a level of consciousness that is hard to reach without spiritual guidance.

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Ibogaine Anti-aging

Ibogaine treatment helps to reduce the negative effects of high stress and external stimuli on your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Meet our

Primary Care Team

At IBOGAINE CLINIC our staff is comprised of 3 doctors, 3 nurses, two cooks, two admissions professionals and one founder. You will probably interact with each of us during the process of your Ibogaine treatment.

What Makes Us Different?

Iboagine Protocols

Each client is assessed and given a specific Ibogaine treatment protocol dependent on presenting symptoms and ailment.

Medical Supervision

The facility is staffed by certified doctors and nurses in order to assist you through out the Ibogaine treatment process.

Convenient Location

Our Ibogaine Clinic is located in the gated, guarded community of Puerto Aventuras about 30 minutes from Cancun Int. airport.

Ibogaine Research & News

Keep updated with our news feed as we continue sharing the many stories of sick and suffering individuals who have sought out the healing power of Ibogaine. Along with testimonials learn more about Ibogaine research and development as David shares the many benefits this God given medicine offers humanity.

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What our patients think

Peter Evans

“Thank you David for being god’s messenger and helping me get another chance to help myself and ultimately, others.. in this dream we call life. Peace and Love”

Gabi Chai

“Ibogaine by David Dardashti changed my life completely on a psychospiritual level.”

Mike Lombardo

“Saved my life! David is the real deal! This guy saves lives!!

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